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Saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall | 19 photos | - What better way to usher in the beginning of fall than a trip to the east end of Long Island? We ended up on the North Fork in Cutchogue and Mattituck, amongst the farms that offer apple picking, peach picking, and the most delicious home made pies ever! Baskets upon baskets of brightly colored mums lined the parking lots... more details >
By Newsphoto | 20 Sep 2014 | | Feature stories/Domestic (U.S.)
Grackle migration over Garden City, New York | 36 photos | - Hundreds, if not thousands, of grackles migrating south over Garden City, New York. The grackle is abundant in North America, mostly east of New Mexico to British Columbia. As it expands it's range northward the grackle tends to migrate out of the most northern areas. As the grackle migrates it's flocks can number in the ... more details >
By Newsphoto | 06 Nov 2007 | | Feature stories/
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