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Boys lacrosse Tournament Manhasset - Heritage High vs Floral park

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Boys Lacrosse game action Saturday afternoon at Manhasset high school as the Heritage High boys from Littleton Colorado lost to Floral Park 4 to 2........... Heritage Eagles Varsity Lacrosse Roster: will,duzan, darren hulick, andrew tsoi, kyle kitchen, blake corrigan, gabe mamigonian, zach mamigonian, chet swint, matt kramer, john hosack, hayden porter, joe linden taylor young, bobby whitehill, andrew moss, kyle hercher, brian mathay, kevin wilday, sean davies, evan cordrey, hunter pinon, sam stein, teren helfer, pat sweet, wes goar, marc miller, jim sturges. head coach Dave Neely, asst coaches: Dan Geiger, Sean McCarthy

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Photographer: Newsphoto
Copyright: © Copyright Newsphoto 2006
City, State, Country: Manhasset,NY,US
Date submitted: 31 Mar 2007
Date taken: 31 Mar 2007
File Size/Pixels/DPI: 86405
Larger image size available: yes
Keywords: Colorado, Heritage, High school, boys, floral park, lacrosse, manhasset, varsity
Category: Sports/Lacrosse
Restrictions: yes
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File Name: IMG_1905.JPG


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