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Grackle migration over Garden City, New York

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Hundreds, if not thousands, of grackles migrating south over Garden City, New York. The grackle is abundant in North America, mostly east of New Mexico to British Columbia. As it expands it's range northward the grackle tends to migrate out of the most northern areas. As the grackle migrates it's flocks can number in the thousands, often times resting in the tops of pin oak trees where they make such a commotion and cause acorns to drop at a dangerous rate for anyone who might be underneath!

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Photographer: Newsphoto
Copyright: © Copyright Newsphoto 2006
City, State, Country: Garden City,NY,United States
Date submitted: 06 Nov 2007
Date taken: 06 Nov 2007
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Keywords: grackle, migration, Garden City, New York
Category: Feature stories/
Restrictions: yes
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File Name: IMG_0788.JPG


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