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The Children's Orchestra Society 41st Annual Winter Concert

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The Children's Orchestra Society's 41st Annual Winter Concert, Thursday, December 10, 2009 at Queensborough Performing Arts Center in Bayside, NY. Dr. Yeou-Cheng Ma, Executive Director, Michael Dadap, Music Director and Conductor. Alexis Ross, Violin 2010 Junior Discovery Winner, Kota Nomura, Violin 2010 Junior Discovery Winner. The Young Symphonic Orchestra includes: Violin: Sheena Tsai, Yvette Leung, Karen Schaub, Anna Stacy, Allison Shen, Kara Cantele, Erick Celedonio, Richie Chen Risa Eskew, Gilad fefer, Kanad Ghosh, Angela Kim, Kristen Lee, Emma Lichtenstein, Kota Nomura, Patrick Tsai, Susan Wu, Typher Yom, Eric Zhang. Viola: Kevin Louie, Jordan Bak, Olarn Pornpitaksuk, Emily Waldman. Cello: Aya Terki, Mohit Mansukhani, Rebecca Cushman, Suebin Hong, Alec Maire, Sean Oh. Double Bass: Katherine Leavy, Jessica Fogel, Tomoya Aomori. Flute: Hinano Ishii, Jennifer Huang, Nicholas Tantisujjatham. Oboe: Nicholas Hou, Shirley Chang. Clarinet: Elizabeth Noh, Philip Yom, Kenneth Aizawa. Bassoon: Keshav Kalanadhabhatta, Kesar Shah, Don Olsen. French Horn: Serge Liberovsky, Michelle Haim, Marianna Healy, Luiza Raab-Pontecorvo. Trumpet: Alexander Yee, Peter Auricchio, Ron Pamposa. Percussion: Brandon Blau, Chihiro Shibayama. The Junior Symphonic Orchestra includes: Violin: Alexis Ross, Melissa Cao, Daniel Chen, Seungmin Woo, Samantha Bangug, Antonia Bentel, Zachary Chen, Joy Chung, Jonathan Fisher, Kathryn Leung, Vivian Liu, Charles Stacy, Emma Su, Wesley Wu. Viola: Kristine Chen, Jordan Bak, Kevin Louie. Cello: Kyle Chin, Brent Siegel, Seunghyun Woo, Camille Bangug, Aya Terki. Double Bass: Simon Zhang, Ktherine Leavy, Tomoa Aomori. Flute: Kathy Kim, Erica Mumford. Oboe: Kesem Shaier, Nicholas Hou, Shirley Chang. Clarinet: Christopher Kim, Kevin Ko. Bassoon: Don Olsen, Keshav Kalanadhabhatta. French Horn: Serge Liberovsky, Robert Taiga Noya, Marianna Healy. Trumpet: David Glaser, Ron Pamposa. Percussion: Christopher Leich. Sinfonia includes: Violin: Gia Antonacci, Ingrid Cheng, Michelle Luo, Truman Chong, Justin Chan, Mia Dempsey, Brian Hsieh, David Katzman, Natalie Ng, Lauren Ross, Joseph Samara, Dina Terki, Justin Vega, Walter Stackler. Viola: Rachel Hahn, Jordan Bak. Cello: Smantha Ho, Zachary Toner, Rebecca Cushman. Flute: Erin Barret, Michelle Yue, Stephen Nourijianian. Clarinet: John Sepanski. Trumpet: Peter Duke. Kinder Orchestra includes: Violin: Ismenia Ginebra, Arielle Harvey, Jennifer Katzman, Alexandra Wong, Calvin Wong, William Stackler.

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Photographer: Kathy Kmonicek
Copyright: © Copyright Kathy Kmonicek 2006
City, State, Country: Bayside,New York,United States
Date submitted: 29 Dec 2009
Date taken: 10 Dec 2009
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Larger image size available: yes
Keywords: Children's Orchestra Society, Queensborough Performing Arts Center, Young Symphonic Orchestra, Junior Symphonic Orchestra, Sinfonia, Kinder Orchestra, Michael Dadap, Yeou-Cheng Ma, Alexis Ross, Kota Nomura
Category: Entertainment/Orchestra
Restrictions: yes
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File Name: COSWC09kk1312.JPG


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